Getting Started with Liberation Cover

Getting Started with Liberation Cover

Researching individual and family health insurance plans in the UAE can sometimes be a confusing process. The good news is that Liberation Cover is here to help make things a bit easier for you.

Find Your Plans

1. Visit Liberation Cover and click on Compare Plans.

2. Select the option that best describes who you’d like to get insurance for, and scroll down to complete the rest of the short questionnaire. You’ll also have to select where your residence visa is issued: Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain or Fujairah. Click on ‘See Plans’ at the end of the questionnaire.

3. Compare the medical insurance plans that we have available, and click on ‘Get a Consultation’ to schedule a call with one of our health insurance experts.

Understanding & Comparing our Medical Insurance Plans

Liberation Cover shows you all the plans that we have available for you, along with important information about each plan’s pricing, benefits and restrictions.

  • Plan Limit - this is the overall maximum amount to be paid in total for all benefits, for each person, in each policy year.
  • Geographical Cover - The area or countries where you are covered by the health insurance provider.
  • Hospital Network - The network of medical providers that are covered by the health insurance plan on a direct billing basis, i.e. your insurer will arrange payment to the provider for your treatment.
  • Dental Benefits - Coverage for dental treatment.
  • Outpatient Coinsurance - Also known as copay, this is the amount which you must pay for outpatient treatments. The rest is then paid by the health insurance provider.

Customising your Plan

Some health insurance plans can be customised to best suit your needs. You can do that by playing around with the various dropdown menus available on each plan. Pay attention to how the plan’s price changes each time you select a different option.

Things you can customise:

  • Geographical Cover - you can select the area or countries in which you'd like coverage in.
    • The plans that have a wider area of coverage such as Worldwide coverage will cost almost double that of the same plan with a Worldwide excluding USA & Canada cover.
  • Provider Network - you can select the provider network of your choice.
    • Plans that have the widest network coverage will cost more than plans that have a restricted network coverage.
  • Dental Benefits - you can select whether you’d like dental coverage or not.
    • Adding dental will result in higher insurance premiums.
  • Outpatient Coinsurance - you can select the different types of copay options that suit your needs.
    • Higher copays will result in lower insurance premiums, as you are shouldering more expenses every time you claim.
    • Lower copays will result in higher insurance premiums, as the insurer is shouldering more expenses every time you claim.

Compare Plans

If you’d like to compare two or more plans you can do that by clicking on the Compare checkbox for the plans that you’d like to compare. Once you’ve made your selections proceed to click on Show Comparison.

You will now be presented with your selected plans that are next to each other. Go ahead and start comparing the different plans and coverages.

Get Expert Help

If you’re interested in learning more about a specific plan, or if you’d like to talk to one of our team members for some expert advice, start a live chat with us.

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